Euro PhD School: Data Science Meets Combinatorial Optimisation

Algorithms for combinatorial optimization feature aspects of data science in various respects. Combinatorial optimization problems are mostly NP-hard, and this complexity reflects itself in complicated  and large solution spaces. Combinatorial optimization problems often originate from real-world problems and this real-world context has an impact on the set of instances likely to ask for a solution which influences  the applicability of specific algorithms. NP-hard problems often allow fast solutions for classes of instances while other classes are much harder to solve. Mapping these classes onto a space of instances provides insight and increases understanding in the problem as well as on the applicability of specific algorithms.

On each day of the PhD school, one lecturer, often assisted by a post-doc, will teach a state-of-the art topic, providing both theory and hands-on training and excercises. In addition to those teaching sessions, PhD students will get the opportunity to present and discuss their work, and there will be an invited talk by the Alexander von Humboldt Professor Yachou Jin. Last but not least, during joint meals and social activities, there will be plenty of room for socializing and networking.

Lecturers and Topics

Kevin Tierney Kevin Tierney
Bielefeld University
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Vehicle Routing Problems
Marius Lindauer Alexander Tornede Marius Lindauer, Alexander Tornede
Leibniz University Hannover
Efficient algorithm design via automated
algorithm selection and configuration
Yingqian Zhang Sicco Verwer Yingqian Zhang, Sicco Verver
Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology
Optimization in Machine Learning
Kate Smith-Miles Kate Smith-Miles
University of Melbourne
Instance Space Analysis
Dimitri Papadimitriou Dimitri Papadimitriou
University of Antwerp
A third dimension for characterising algorithms: spatial properties

Invited Keynote Talk

Yaochu Jin Yaochu Jin
Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Artificial Intelligence
Bielefeld University
Graph Neural Networks for Combinatorial Optimization

Scientific and Organization Committee

Patrick de Causmaecker Patrick de Causmaecker
KU Leuven
Scientific chair / coordinator EWG/DSO
Michael R&oumlmer Michael Römer
Bielefeld University
Anrew Parkes Andrew Parkes
University of Nottingham
Coordinator EWG/DSO
Ender &Oumlzcan Ender Özcan
University of Nottingham
Coordinator EWG/DSO

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